Take Action - Yes On Issue 1! Fair Districts = Fair Elections

Ohio deserves fair elections, fair districts, & fair representation. Vote #YESIssue1!

A carved up state = carved out policies. Vote #YESIssue1 for a better #Ohio!

II believe that my government should represent the people that it serves. I’m voting #YESIssue1!

Vote #YESIssue1 for a better #Ohio.

Rigged districts = rigged elections. Keep Ohio honest,
#vote #YESIssue1!

Say NO to #gerrymandering: vote #YesIssue1!

Among the 115+ organizations that have endorsed THIS November's Issue 1, the Ohio Democratic Party AND the Ohio...

Posted by Ohio Voter Rights Coalition on Monday, October 19, 2015

Text VOTE2015 to 31996 for Election Reminders.